A Guide to Choosing The Right Wedding Dress Trains

Source: A Guide to Choosing The Right Wedding Dress Trains

A Guide to Choosing The Right Wedding Dress Trains

by Pearson Wu
– Mark Unread

Planning a wedding is exciting as most women dream of having their perfect wedding day from choosing the perfect wedding dress to the most gorgeous location and plenty more in between. When it comes to a wedding dress, there is a wide range of designs, patterns, materials, colours and styles. From fit-and-flare to figure-hugging, every woman has her unique style. But without a doubt, one important feature to consider would be a wedding dress train. If you’re wondering what and how to choose the right wedding dress trains, read on to find out more!


What Are Wedding Dress Trains?Wedding dress trains are the extra length of fabric of the wedding dresses that trail behind the bride as she walks. It either can be attached to the wedding dress or designed as a detachable piece so you can take it off when not needed. They definitely add elegance to the wedding dress, creating a stunning visual effect as the bride walks down the aisle. The wedding dress trains come in various styles and designs as well as lengths, ranging from short to long and extravagant.


Types of Wedding Dress TrainsThese days, there are plenty of choices for new brides to choose from. Here we list the common types of wedding dress trains, each with its own unique style.

1. Sweep Trains

Sweep trains are the shortest type of wedding dress trains, only extending roughly about 6 to 10 inches beyond the hem of the wedding dress. A sweep train is also known as a “brush” train as it gracefully brushes the ground.

This type of wedding dress train offers a subtle touch of elegance, perfect for a bride who would like to add a bit of flair to the dress without adding too much weight or length. Besides that, sweep wedding dress trains are also ideal for outdoor weddings as they create a relaxed and breezy look, perfect for a bride who wants a laid-back vibe on her big day.

2. Court Trains

Court Trains are a type of wedding dress train that is the second shortest wedding dress train which typically starts at the waist rather than the hem of the dress. This adds a little drama to the dress without going overboard. Court trains are ideal for a bride who loves fun and wants to stay elegant at the same time. This type of train is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

3. Watteau Trains

Watteau trains aren’t your usual typical traditional wedding trains. Instead of offering a complete train, it starts from the shoulders to give off a whimsical effect, which is considered a mixture of both a train and a veil. Those who are planning to have an outdoor wedding will find this to be perfect!

4. Chapel Trains

The most popular wedding train is the chapel train. It extends about 12 to 18 inches behind the gown. This type of wedding dress train is commonly used as it adds just enough drama to A-line dresses without being too long and heavy. It isn’t too short nor too long for the bride, adding an elegant touch to the dress. Chapel trains are widely used for ballroom weddings.

5. Cathedral Trains

The next longest wedding dress train is the cathedral train which extends 22 inches or more beyond. If you’re envisioning a fairytale dream wedding, this is the perfect train for you. This is a more formal option and is also another common selection for grand, formal or traditional weddings. It is incredibly elegant and you will definitely be turning heads!

6. Royal or Monarch TrainsThe longest and most formal wedding dress train of all is the royal train or also known as the monarch train which measures up to 3 meters long. It is often seen in royal weddings such as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton and therefore not very common. The royal train will truly make you feel like a queen!

7. Detachable Trains

A detachable train is a train that can be easily removed after the wedding ceremony or when it is not needed. This detachable wedding dress trains offer versatility and therefore allows the bride to move more freely during the wedding, without compromising on style and elegance. Simply put it on for a dramatic entrance and remove it for a more relaxed vibe throughout your wedding day, thus, giving the bride a 2-in-1 look!


Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Train LengthThere are definitely no “rules” for how long your wedding dress train should be. However, here are some tips for choosing the right train length for your special day.

1. Venue and settingFirstly, when selecting the perfect train length for your wedding dress, let’s take a look at the venue and wedding setting. It’s essential to match the train with the overall wedding style and formality of your wedding. What is the wedding ceremony like? For instance, if it’s for outdoor venues such as a cosy garden ceremony or a beach wedding, shorter trains like sweep or court trains may be more practical so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

For indoor weddings like a grand ballroom, you may want to opt for a longer train like a chapel or cathedral train as this can make a grand statement in formal indoor wedding settings.

2. Comfort and mobilityComfort should be a top priority when it comes to wedding dresses. A shorter train might be more comfortable, though it may lack the dramatic flair you have envisioned for your wedding. On the other hand, a long cathedral train looks stunning but it may be challenging for movement, especially when you are dancing or walking.

When choosing the right train length, be sure to consider all wedding day activities, from walking to eating and dancing. For longer trains, you might need someone to help you manage as you walk, so be prepared. However, if you opt for a detachable train, this could make things easier as you can remove the train when it’s not needed.

3. Wedding dress styleYou might also want to consider your overall wedding dress style. A sleek and modern gown may only look better with a shorter train. A traditional ballgown or A-line dress may be complemented by a longer train to match its grand look.

4. Your budgetDepending on your budget, longer trains require more fabric and thus, increase the cost of your wedding dress as well.

5. Personal preferenceUltimately, your wedding dress train length should embody your own unique style and preferences. If you’re leaning more towards a minimalist and practical style or you’ve always dreamed of a dramatic entrance with a cathedral-length train for your wedding, you should go for it! After all, it’s your wedding, so choose what makes you feel beautiful!


Accessorising Your Wedding Train 1. VeilsA beautiful veil can complement your wedding dress train and add an extra layer of elegance. It adds a touch of magic to the whole bridal look. There are various veil lengths and style options, so choose a veil length and style that complements the length of your train without overshadowing it.

2. EmbellishmentsWhile embellishments are not necessary, you can still consider adding embellishments such as beading, ribbons or lace to your wedding dress train for added texture. Be sure to opt for something that complements the overall look of your dress. However, be mindful not to overwhelm the design of the dress.

3. Train Hooks or BustleThese train hooks or bustles are hidden hooks, buttons or ribbons sewn onto the dress to secure it during the wedding ceremony. This will allow you to move around freely and more comfortably without worrying about tripping over your train. Consider having them sewn by your seamstress if you have a long train.


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