CONRAD’S NOTE: I hope you read my sample of the nuptials that I put forth.  If you have, then you know they are romantic. Many have told me during our face to face meeting after I have read sections of it for them in my special, most sincere style, how extraordinary they sound.

I know this is true because most couples slide their hands into each other’s while I read because in that moment they feel the magic swell up.

I ran across the following article on Feedspot. I like it on for many reasons.  Enjoy.


Ceremony Reading: What is a Soulmate by Emily Matthews

If you’re looking for a romantic reading, read this one aloud and I have a feeling it might make you well up!

I recently had the honour of being asked to read this beautiful poem at the wedding ceremony of two of my closest friends. It’s a wonderfully romantic ceremony reading and features a lovely rhyming rhythm making it suitable for even the most nervous readers. The second verse is optional if you want to keep it short and sweet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it!

Ceremony Reading: What is a Soulmate by Emily Matthews

If you have found a smile that is the sweetest one you’ve known.
If you have heard, within a voice, the echoes of your own.
If you have felt a touch that stirs the longing of your heart,
And still can feel that closeness in the moment you’re apart.
If you are filled with wonder at the way two lives can blend,
To weave a perfect pattern that is seamless end to end.
If you believe some things in life are simply meant to be,
Then you have found your soulmate, your hearts own destiny.

If you can always be as close and happy as today,
Yet be secure enough to grow and change along the way.
If you can keep for you alone your love as man and wife,
Yet find the time to share your joy with others in your life.
If you can be as one and walk through marriage hand in hand,
Yet still support the goals and dreams that each of you have planned.
If you can dare to always go your separate ways together,
Then all the wonders of today will stay with you forever.

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