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   How did you meet?

   Who Proposed?

   Religious or Spiritual Elements?

   Would you like to have a brief     remembrance?

   Would you like to add readings?

   How about a special mini   ceremony? Sand, Hand Fasting? 

Are you looking for an Officiant that has experience?

Since 2015 Conrad has performed over 326 weddings

Perhaps an Award Winning Officiant…..

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good part.




Think about how we can personalize it for you as you read through the following.

Today I Marry My Best Friend

 A question I often ask is what was it that made these two people fall in love and want to spend all the days of their lives together? Typically they tell me how the two met.  Sometimes they knew each other as children, over time they meet again. Sometimes it is the internet. Perhaps a relative played matchmaker. However it is, they meet each other and discover an attraction that is hard to deny. Maybe it is the common experiences and likes. Whatever it is, they find they have become friends. 

Digital Solutions
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